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SafeTown is a powerful, easy-to-use suite of web-based and mobile apps that empower you to share information with local law enforcement, fire, emergency services, and other citizens to make your community a better, safer place to live.

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SafeTown welcomes Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis is launching SafeTown’s Community Alerts and Report A Problem Apps.

More information may be found here


Household Profiles


Wouldn’t you want the 9-1-1 responders dispatched to your home to know that:

  • Your son is blind and dependent on a service animal?
  • Your daughter is allergic to penicillin?
  • Your elderly parent requires a motorized wheelchair and has an oxygen bottle in their bedroom?

SafeTown’s Household Profile App is the quick, easy and secure way to provide critical information about your home and family to the people who can help.

Hopefully you will never have to call 9-1-1 for an emergency at your home. But if you do, make sure your responders have the information they need with a SafeTown Household Profile.

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Community Alerts


Heading out to an important meeting and want to check for traffic accidents?  Need someplace to keep up to date on local storm damage?  Interested in local safety issues reported by your neighbors?  Keep up with critical events and alerts in your community with SafeTown’s Community Alerts App.

Whether you are at home or on the move, Community Alerts gives you real time visibility to alerts from police, fire, emergency services and the community.  When you know about potential problems in your community you are safer and have the chance to help others.

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Report a Problem

Report a

Tree down?  Suspicious activity? Lost dog?  Missing person?   When you see something that might be a problem, it’s time to let someone know.  SafeTown’s Report A Problem App let’s you send an alert to the emergency service professionals in your town, or to the SafeTown community as a whole.  When you Report A Problem, you are doing your part to improve the overall safety and well-being of your community.

The easiest way to Report a Problem when you’re on the go is through a SafeTown smartphone App, available in the App Store or the Android Marketplace.

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Crime Maps


Contemplating moving to another neighborhood?  Organizing a neighborhood watch initiative?  Or are you just curious about crime statistics in your community?

With SafeTown’s Crime Maps App, you can view crime incidents and statistics for your neighborhood conveniently on a map.  Understand what crimes are happening, where they are happening and when they are happening.

Better visibility to historical crime data can help you partner with law enforcement and community watch organizations to create a safer community.

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Jail Information


What’s my friend’s bail?  How can I add money to my son’s commissary account at the jail?  When is my husband’s court date?   These are questions that none of us want to ask, but sometimes we have to.   SafeTown’s Jail Information is your portal for finding the answers to these questions about people in your local jail.  You can see booking photos, charges, court dates, and bail information.  In many cases, you can also deposit money in their accounts to pay fines or purchase supplies.

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