Information for Agencies

SafeTown™ was created by InterAct™ to help public service agencies connect and share information with the citizens in their communities. InterAct is the leading provider of incident response, emergency management and public safety software. Our solutions establish Connections for Life™ by connecting the right people with the technologies that enable them to improve the safety and well-being of people and their communities.

The SafeTown Apps are fully integrated with InterAct’s suite of core public safety applications

Each SafeTown App is designed to enhance the way that you use your core data systems. SafeTown Apps provide additional insight and information to dispatchers and first responders that improve the speed and efficiency of incident response and criminal investigation.

For example:

  • Information from the SafeTown Household Profile App about the medical condition of a family member would allow a CAD dispatcher to more quickly determine the proper personnel and equipment needed for an emergency call.
  • Because the PulsePoint App is integrated with InterAct CAD, citizens trained in CPR can be instantly alerted when there is a cardiac emergency in their immediate vicinity. This can help to increase the survival rates of cardiac arrest victims.
  • An officer en route to a crime scene at a public location would have real-time access to recent posts from citizens at or near the incident, providing situational awareness and insight that better prepares them when they arrive on scene.
  • Reports of suspicious behavior from the community can assist law enforcement in the prevention and investigation of crime.

SafeTown can also reduce the time and effort required for you to communicate with the public

These technologies should improve communications with your citizens, for both emergency and safety related information.
For example:

  • Because it is integrated with InterAct CAD, Safetown’s Community Alerts app allows an agency to automatically publish alerts such as traffic incidents, HAZMAT warnings or public BOLO’s to the citizens of the community, saving time and effort that might typically be required today.
  • The Jail Information App is integrated with InterAct JMS, allowing correctional institutions to post real-time information on inmates to attorneys, bondsmen and family, including booking photos, charges, court dates and bail information. This is a huge time saver for the correctional institute and can also help other facilities or law enforcement agencies produce photo lineups.

SafeTown can be an effective tool to build and enhance the relationship with the citizens in your community.

SafeTown can support community oriented policing initiatives and can assist in the creation, growth and management of effective neighborhood watch groups. A community of informed, engaged citizens can become a force multiplier for public safety agencies in SafeTown communities.

For more information about SafeTown, contact your InterAct representative or visit us at

Frequently Asked Questions

SafeTown seems like a lot for my agency to absorb at once. Is it possible to only implement some of the SafeTown Apps?

Any combination of SafeTown Apps can be implemented in your community. You can start simple and grow. It will all be there for you when you are ready. InterAct will work with your agency to develop a custom local citizens portal for SafeTown that serves up the apps you have chosen to implement. Adding apps in the future will be quick and easy.

We don’t have the full suite of InterAct products. Can we still use SafeTown?

Since SafeTown is fully integrated to the InterAct applications, there is no cost to hook it up to InterAct. SafeTown’s architecture is open, and designed to support integration to external systems and data sources. InterAct will, as requested, provide assistance in integrating SafeTown to third-party applications. These projects will be quoted on an individual basis. Please contact your InterAct representative for more information.

We don’t have the most recent version of InterAct CAD. Will SafeTown work for us?

SafeTown is integrated with both the InterAct CAD Classic and InterAct CAD NG.

How will we roll out SafeTown in our community?

As mentioned above, InterAct will work with your agency to produce a custom citizens portal for your community. We will also work with you to develop the promotional plan and materials to support the launch, rollout and adoption of SafeTown in your community. This will include linking SafeTown with any current local agency websites, developing community collateral such as flyers and public service announcements, and developing a social media communications strategy.

How do I get more information?